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For most fans, Insurgent audiobook has been one of the most anticipated sequels in the listening list. Finally, the book is out in stores. Most die hard fans own Divergent in almost every format available. Even though reading the book is a great experience, you can’t seem to get enough from the audiobook version. Every listener just loved Emma Galvin’s voice for narration.

Emma Galvin has been able to successfully capture every emotion, wit, sarcasm, and whininess to make sure listeners stay engaged and enticed. The 11-hour audiobook does not seem long because of her skills to keep you interested until the end. Some listeners feel that Insurgent is even more intense than Divergent. It will leave you with the need to listen all over again.

A Basic Description

Insurgent audiobook begins right where the last one left off. In fact, the action in this book picks up quickly. Since Tobias and Tris are on their own, they are considering a lot of factors to plan their next move. Most listeners have been curious about their factions, and wonder if they will live up to their expectations.

With every faction visit in the book, you will learn more about Tobias and Tris. Character interactions and simulations will help you learn more about the other crew. Tris is already dealing with her past actions. In this audiobook, she suffers from PTSD. However, she does not have a lot of time to whine or crib. There’s too much at stake for her and Tobias.

The drama created in the book is relentless heart wrenching and intense. The pace of the book remains the same throughout the book and doesn’t slow down anywhere. There are surprises, game-changing secrets and betrayals. However, there will be times when you’re going to miss Divergent. Sometimes, Insurgent audiobook moves too fast.

A lot of new characters have been introduced in Insurgent. It can be quite hard to keep them straight. If you still have your copy of Divergent, you should re-read it before starting Insurgent. The author’s cheat sheet may also come in handy.

While listening to the Insurgent audiobook, Emma Galvin’s voice will feel very soothing. She merely nails the narration and the sound of Tris. Emma reads with appropriate intensity and makes everything look more exciting.

Most importantly, Emma makes all the character voices sound distinct, both female and male of varying ages. The voices are neither distracting nor overdone. The audiobook version enhances the appeal of Insurgent. It will be an incredible listening experience for every fan.

Most people believe that they enjoyed Divergent slightly more than the sequel. However, Insurgent has its joys and thrills. The sequel is surprising and thought-provoking. It opens many new doors to explore.

The plot of the book is never boring, and the author has also focused on appropriate character development. You will be completely engaged until you’ve finished the last chapter. The final book in the series will be out next year. Tongue-in-cheek rumors want us to believe that it will be named Detergent.

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