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Four: A Divergent Collection Audiobook


Four: A Divergent Collection Audiobook Free Download

In recent years, there have been many successful authors who have won the hearts of their fans with thrilling, exciting and enticing books. However, there’s not a better one than Veronica Roth. With her Divergent series, she has successfully won millions of hearts. Veronica even became the Number 1 New York Times Bestselling Author.

The Four: A Divergent Collection Audiobook will completely take your breath away. The four stories in the book are about 50-70 pages long each. They have been narrated from the lead character’s (Tobias) perspective.

The stories in this collection give you an idea about Tobias’ life and journey. They lay the foundation for an epic saga. When you’re reading this book, you won’t be able to resist the temptation of finishing the pages soon. The book is available in digital formats, including audiobook, PDF and more. These versions have been extremely popular.

Should You Read This One?

According to people who have listened to this book, the series is the perfect way to enter a world of thrill, mystery, and excitement. Most listeners instantly fall in love with the collection of these stories. These short stories lay the perfect foundation for composing one masterpiece. As mentioned earlier, all the books have been written from the main character’s perspective.

As soon as you start listening to the book, you will experience your mind transferring into an interesting storyline. The story is about Tobias, who relocates on the “Choosing Day”, to reach Dauntless. The story elaborates the beginning of his journey in a clear, crisp and interesting way. It explains how Tobias continues his journey with the new name and his first tattoo, works hard and becomes an official Dauntless member.

The book discusses his journey from day one as a Dauntless member, and what all happens with him that forces him to leave Dauntless. His entire experience has been described clearly in The Traitor.

All the stories together lay the foundation for Divergent. This is the main reason why all of them have been so popular. In this story, Tobias comes up with an exceptional plan to change his world. He finds an ultimate goal for himself.

The Basic Storyline

The Four: A Divergent Collection Audiobook focuses on three different acts. In all the stories, Tobias and Tris share a similar perspective. In these short stories, Tobias is shown as someone with dark shades. However, he is a strong man, and all his traits are considered to be his strengths. He knows just what he wants, and this drives the listeners to believe in the character.

Tobias looks more human as you get closer to understand his beliefs in life. Throughout the story, you will get to see different shades of the character, making you feel closer to him. The book discusses his beliefs, thoughts, desires, fears, worries, and views. In this story, he even faces some doubts about keeping Tris safe. Through the last phase of the act, you’ll find some special acts defining Tobias’ perspective.

If you have read the Divergent trilogy, you’re going to love this audio book too. This book makes the Divergent collection complete, making the acts in other books clearer. This book connects many instances that you’d have read or heard in previous Divergent books. Veronica’s writing has been able to capture the attention of readers by adding more charm to Tobias’ character.

In this book, you will get familiar with his allegiant character. The book also describes his background, as well as gives you valuable insight into his mystical journey. The best part is that the writer of this book has not assumed that all listeners would have read or heard the previous versions of the book. Veronica has given a good glimpse of the character’s background, journey and mindset in this book as well.

Four: A Divergent Collection Audiobook is the perfect way to pass you time, and enter a vast universe of mystery, thrill, and excitement. As mentioned earlier, the digital formats of the book have been quite popular among fans. A lot of people have been downloading the audiobook version online.

With the audiobook, you have the convenience to plug in your headphones whenever you want, and have a delightful experience with the characters. The narration of the audiobook is also impeccable. You won’t be disinterested for even a second. Download the Four: A Divergent Collection Audiobook and enter Tobias’ world to accompany him on his journey.

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