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The Divergent Trilogy had been an ultimate breakthrough as a debut creation from author Veronica Roth. In the first book, Divergent, all five factions were given the spotlight: Abnegation the Selfless, Dauntless the Fearless, Candor the Honest, Amity the Kind and Erudite the Intellects. Devastation happened in the end of the first book with the death of the mother and father of Tris and the disconnect of the society with the faction system. The second book, Insurgent marked the time of revolution by the factionless through deception. In the end, a big revelation came from an ancestral root of the Priors, that the Divergents were needed outside the fences. In Allegiant, a new form of conflict arises — it stems from the very act of allegiance between factions that were once enemies for the purpose of overthrowing the anarchic system that rose from the pit.

Now that you’ve seen the first movie after having read the Divergent Trilogy, the interim upon the release of the second movie, Insurgent, can be enjoyed in a much better way. The Allegiant Audiobook is now available for your pleasure and entertainment.

Since you have done the pleasure of listening to the in-depth audiobook of Divergent and Insurgent, it’s now time to move on to the third and final piece of the ultimate dystopian montage. The Allegiant Audiobook covers the entire fifty-six chapters from the solid reading material. With all these chapters packed in one, the audiobook runs to a length of 11 hours and 55 minutes. A great thing about it is the fact that it is unabridged, meaning you get to enjoy every bit of detail that is found thereof in the book. Quality audio is delivered by Harper Audio, and so far, it is only available in the English version.

Allegiant: The Ultimate Plot

Now that the faction system has been destroyed and the factionless have risen from the dumps, what perils are Tris, Tobias and the others to expect?

First and foremost, there was an emphasis on the Divergent being needed behind the fences. Tris has her misgivings on the matter for no one has ever been outside such since the war has ended. Everything beneath it is but recover land from pure destruction. And it was the very reason why the faction system was brought into place — for a functional and peaceful society.

But now, in reiteration, everything has gone to a disconnect. Caleb has been convicted for his betrayal and connivance with the enemy, Janine Matthews. A new form of revolution has risen, mainly from the Allegiant and they have come together to set out a mission of mutual enmity, to bring down the revolting factionless and to again put the Divergents’ lives in a dismal uncertainty.

The tension almost never goes away. It’s as though the only breather you get from it happens at the end. Allegiant, of the Divergent Trilogy, is the conclusive piece that will make and break the hearts of its readers. The excitement grows all the more with the audiobook version, where it is completely narrated by professionals holding great command in the craft. It’s a total must-have for all Divergent fans out there.

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